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Your Trust is precious, so do the ‘Wood of Gods’ and Puri Brothers has an experience of Caressing for such Precious Goods Since 1951.

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Highly Aromatic, Medicinal and rare, Agarwood finds a healthy reason to be in Puri Brother’s catalogue. The name of this product is believed to have first originated in sanskrit from ‘aguru. Agarwood basically forms and depends on the self defense mechanism of Aquilaria trees in response to biotic and abiotic stresses and is used for medicinal and fragrance purposes. Puri Brothers are a regular supplier of this expensive nature’s gift across the globe where its die-hard admirers or great medical applications exist. We have also inculcated some rigorous quality assurance steps as a part of our SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures) so need not worry about the quality; just post your requirement or you can also avail a free of cost expert consultation before you do and you are done.
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At Puri Brothers Agarwood is mainly marketed in two forms:
  • Agarwood Flake Chips
  • Agarwood Oud Oil

Agarwood Flake Chips: These are the most common forms of agarwood in trade.  Agarwood chips are derived from a specific part of the Agarwood tree. Separated by a sharp iron rod, Barely 10-20% of a large slab of agarwood tree is drawn into chips and flakes and the rest is sold as powder/dust or is used as in oil distillation. Puri Brothers specialise in Agarwood Flake Chips and assure you the most qualitative Flakes at your doorstep costing reasonable bucks only.

Agarwood Oud Oil: Agarwood Oud Oil is extremely rare and precious as an oil. Agrwood Oil has been Used for generations in Aromatherapy, hindu, muslim and buddhist ceremonies as incense sticks and as perfume. We at Puri Brothers understand the sacredness of This oil and thus cater to our customers Business partners, the purest forms of this oil which they can use unhesitatingly for any religious ceremony, therapy or alike purpose.

Amongst the benefits of Pure Agarwood sourced from Puri Brothers  are: Good for kidneys and digestive system, relieves pain, can cure asthma, treat diarrhea, heals spasms, regulates important organs, etc. Remember Puri Brothers don’t fear or default bulk orders, instead we specialise in and love to service Bulk consignments.

With the 4th generation into this Business we have always evolved with the ‘generation’; and in this Information Technology times we are with full zeal and enthusiasm serving our clientele using the web so feel free to reach us anytime at

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