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Our focus is on uniquely placed premium products which are guaranteed to be authentic and processed to give best results.
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Puri Brothers started off in 1951 with our major suppliers based in Southern and Western belt of India. We are the suppliers of choice.

Our Mission

We have been striving to nurture harmony through financial support for farmers who live in adverse and uncertain conditions
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we follow a rigorous 4 step process for best quality at budget friendly cost.









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Premium Quality

Our Best Products

Applying a characteristic mix of Right Values, Transparency, Customer Centricity, and a Team of Specialists working dedicatedly towards the Premium Products, Puri Brothers has garnered an important place in the markets.


70 long years of dealing in Saffron, Tie ups from the industrious farmers to the ace testing laboratories and catering to almost every aspect of Red Gold’s application


Shilajit, nature’s wonder, has the highest densities of mineral and other nutritional compounds which are not replicated in any other of mother nature’s presents to man

Medicinal Pearls

Be it Ayurveda, chinese ancient medicine texts or the greek literature, medicinal pearls have found a handsome mention everywhere for their pharmaceutical uses.


Formed as a leftover product in the cow/ox’s digestive tract, Bezoar is one of the most medicinal and uniquely occurring products of the animal kingdom which can be extracted without harming them
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12 Kesar on Body Blog

Kesar Effects on Body

Saffron is known to be the costliest flavour of all spices. In addition to a solid outlandish scent, it offers a variety of advantages for your skin, hair and general bodily wellbeing.
As per insights, at least 300 tons of saffron is created every year, and Iran alone adds to 76% of this general creation. Furthermore, it has been noticed that saffron likewise has a few intriguing restorative properties, making it the go-to zest to satisfactorily substitute synthetic multivitamins.

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10 Saffron for Hair Blog

Benefits of Saffron for Hair

Saffron is a rich spice obtained from Kashmir, India. It is quite possibly the most famous flavor in Indian Mughlai food. This awesome zest has a rich tone, fragrance and flavor. It is a ruddy orange, with a threadlike construction. Steam-refined saffron can possibly be the costliest natural balm and is by and large inadequately accessible. Saffron has been appropriately named the Red Gold because of its ability to provide nourishment, wellbeing and excellence.

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9 Saffron milk for Glow Blog

How to Use Saffron in Milk for Glow?

As the markets are now flooded with saffron infused products, we are here, focussing on the advantages of natural saffron based skin care routines and how to maximise the potency of this highly exquisite spice! Your saffron specific exclusive skin care rewards are waiting for you in the form of the game-changing facepacks we have discussed herein.

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We deliver best health facts over the internet directly to your mailbox.