Atis is the wonder of alpine flora, Give us the chance to wonder you by our Atis.

Product Overview

Mentioned in the revered texts of Charaka and Sushruta, Atis is one of those select herbs that qualify for Puri Brothers’ rare, valuable and medicinal natural products catalogue. We have spent 4 generations in the trade of himalayan natural products and have now been in sync with this region for long, hence you can trust us easily. Atis is a year long green ayurvedic herb with greenish purple flowers having sensational medicinal properties in its roots. The roots are paired and tuberous and are either grey or white in colour.

Puri Brothers has an authoritative presence in both the suppliers and consumers of Atis. We also keep a keen monitor on the herb from sowing to harvesting to delivery, to ensure that the qualitative standards meet the worth of Puri Brothers’ goodwill in the market earned over the years. At Puri Brothers we have a year round constant supply of Atis root and have the potential to fulfill reasonably bulk orders on time at any time.
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A healthy caution!
Such great medicinal products are easily adulterated with that not only lessens their properties but also does more harm to the body. Talking of Atis like herbs they are mostly blended with other similar looking roots/herbs and the consumer being naive, consumes them unknowingly. At Puri Brothers we have always been very stringent with our Standard Operating Procedures assuring the topmost quality of the product to our customer. Certificates of Analysis, Industrial Standards Accredited Laboratory tests and in-house quality checks are our Forte. We understand your concerns being a business ourself, and that’s why we offer transparency to our customers Business Partners.
The naturally procured pure Puri Brothers’ Atis Root is proven to have many medicinal uses such as: Curing fevers that are chronic such as malaria; detoxifying Blood; Increasing metabolism; Treating loss of memory; Cures acute respiratory disorders; Reduces obesity; helps lower blood glucose levels because of the bitterness it possess etc.
Atis is available in the market in various forms such as

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