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70 long years of dealing in Saffron, Tie ups from the industrious farmers to the ace testing laboratories and catering to almost every aspect of Red Gold’s application; Saffron has long been our core product and has earned us many loyal customers who hail from diverse niches viz. Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, Holy temples, Food processing Industries, Oil extraction ones, Fast Moving Consumer Goods’ Brands etc.
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 Under one single roof portal, you will get all varieties of Kashmiri and Iranian saffron as classified by ISO 3632 and that too only those graded as top qualities (Grade 1&2) by it. Always Thinking out of the box and caring for our customers’ profits we have decisively created an Application specific range of Saffron, that caters to your end needs and optimizes your cost based on that (the ultimate need of the hour in the industry). 

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There are 5 broad categories as per ISO 3632
  • Kashmiri Lachha
  • Kashmiri Mongra
  • Kishtwari Guchi
  • Kishtwari cutting
  • Tukda Saffron

Kashmiri Lachha (Stigma with full style): This unprocessed all natural form containing thick fiber with about 75-80% red portion in the strands and remaining yellow one donning a high aroma.

  • Kashmiri Mongra (Stigma with small style): Directly processed from lachha, is deep red in colour and has high coloring strength. Having a very small yellow part, it is one of the most famous forms of Kashmiri Saffron.


Kishtwari Guchi (Stigma with full style): World’s finest quality of saffron with maroon colour and messed up in bunches. It has the best coloring, flavoring and aromatic effects.

Kishtwari cutting (Stigma with small style): Further processed by our experts, it is also one of the finest versions. It is characterised by full stigma with short style.

Tukda (Saffron Flakes): Filtered out as shorter strands from other varieties, they have a strong aroma and are widely used for garnishing purposes.

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4 Broad categories are available as per ISO 3632
  • Negin
  • Sargol
  • Poushal
  • Guchhi/Bunch

Negin (Stigma Only): One of the most in demand varieties due to A1 Coloring and aromatic features. It is characterised by thicker strands that are lighter in weight and high in volume that means higher crocin and safranal levels.

Sargol (Stigma Only): Thick filaments and classified as Grade-1 in ISO 3632. This is the purest form available and is shorter in size and red in colour.

Poushal (Stigma with 2-5mm style): It has both yellow and red parts and contains average numbers of safranal and crocin. Higher aromatic features are there due to the presence of style.

Guchhi/Bunch (Stigma with full style): It is donned by long threads with both red and yellow parts that are tied together with strings. It does have a high aroma.

Digging deep into the application specific varieties, we know that saffron has 3 major traits viz. Coloring, Bitterness and Aromatic that are a result of the presence of Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal pigments respectively. Based upon its end use, these 3 varieties of saffron are preferred in different priorities. Our rich experience has led us to the solution that for every customer the demand varies, so for this very purpose we have purpose built our Puri Brother’s Application targeted varieties that are the BEST FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU. Trust Us! This is our forte!

“What you want at What you want to pay”

Talking about our Unique Selling Points, we have ‘n’ number of points to mention. At the outset we are proud processors of our own saffron with our skilled and experienced internal processing team. Adding to its charm, we have healthy tie-ups with NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) accredited laboratories, and Once our quality is tested upon by a non biased source we get them graded by our in-house experts and funnel out only the best versions for our worthy customers. Despite catering an age old and the most expensive spice, we strive hard to serve our clientele with the most contemporary services, cost optimization and leave no stone unturned in caring for him/her by providing our free of cost expert consultancy. We also feel immense authority to assure you that we have constant regular and year round supplies of the Red Gold conditioning us not to fear from mammoth orders but to love and caress them .

Reach us out at anytime for free consultations, business related inquiries and product related questions at Contact @ Puri Bros Global

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